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Career Opportunities

Mana Maoli Seeks Music & Multimedia Instructors

Passionate about serving your community? Here’s a way to channel that passion into action! Please help spread the word about these job openings – mahalo! Mana Maoli is a nonprofit, serving primarily Native Hawaiian youth and communities via community, culture, and environment-based education. Our #ManaMele Project does this via a Music/Multimedia Academy, …

Mana Maoli Seeks Part-Time Music Instructor

Bringing music to classrooms, Mana Maoli is currently looking to fill a teaching spot at NOELANI ELEMENTARY, available immediately, with a weekly schedule as follows: MON 8:15-9, 9-9:45 am WED, THUR, FRI 8:15-9, 9-9:45, 10:05-10:50 am $25/hr, including 9.75hrs/wk prep time (8.25 hrs instruction, 1.5 hrs prep) We will also be accepting …