Community Outreach Manager & Mentor (COMM) – Full Time, or Part Time with an Assistant

The COMM will take lead on social media management and other forms of outreach, and provide training and oversight to both high school interns producing and managing content for their own schoolsʻ pages, and to college interns helping with Mana Maoliʻs and over a dozen artistsʻ and partnersʻ pages, to provide broader reach for student products, and content promoting Hawaiian values, culture, language, and other content aligned with MM and partnersʻ missions.

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Executive Assistant (EA) – Full Time

The Executive Assistantʻs primary kuleana is to support and assist the Executive Director as needed, which often means helping with a wide array of tasks, and supporting other staff who need it most on any given day.

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Program Specialist, Coordinator and/or Assistant (PS, PC, PA)

Mana Maoli is open to full or part-time hours for 2 of these 3 positions, to join our existing Program Leadership Team in collectively handling all program related kuleana for 20 partner schools across 3 islands, including administrative, programmatic and professional development support for our kumu/mentors, planning school and program wide services and events, data collection/reporting, and more.

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Music or Video Production Instructors/Mentor (4-8hrs/wk)

Do you have a passion for, or experience in music or multimedia, and working with youth? Here’s a way to channel that passion into action! We are adding year-long classes at partner charter schools, starting January, with Professional Development sessions mid-November and December.

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Organizational Background

Mana Maoli is a nonprofit, serving primarily Native Hawaiian youth and communities via community, culture, and environment-based education. Our #ManaMele Project does this via a Music/Multimedia Academy, a solar 4-in-1 mobile studio, and a collective of over 200 ʻcreative industriesʻ professionals (music, audio engineering, video, communications). All open positions are in support of the Mana Mele Project. 

How to Apply

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter via email to recruitment @ Please name your resume and cover letter files as shown below.

  • FirstName LastName Resume.docx/.doc/.pdf
  • FirstName LastName Cover Letter.docx/.doc/.pdf

The email subject heading should read as follows, personalized with your name:

Mana Maoli Application – FirstName LastName – Acronym of position(s) applying for, i.e.

  • Mana Maoli Application – Mary Kealoha – PC, PA, Mentor

In your cover letter, please note which areas of kuleana/job duties listed in the position(s) you are applying for, are aligned with your experiences and skills. 

You are also welcome to send relevant sample work, i.e. sample lessons youʻve developed as a mentor, grants or reports youʻve written as an administrator, content youʻve created as a social media manager, and so on. 

In accordance with Mana Maoli  employment policy, candidates for this position may be subject to a criminal background check.

Please help us spread the word by passing this announcement along to your `ohana and friends.

Mahalo nui loa!